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The most important part of any home is it’s roof. Choosing someone you can trust to put one on your home will likely be one of the most important choices you will make as a homeowner. At Riedel Roofing, we have been providing peace of mind to homeowners since 2005 by providing the best roofing available and standing firmly behind our work.
When you choose Riedel Roofing, you select a company of professionals who take great pride in our craftsmanship, and treat you, your time, and your property with the utmost respect.We make sure that before we leave your home, you are completely satisfied with our work and our cleanup, and we consider you a customer for as long as our warranty lasts. And that’s a lifetime!



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Painting Your Shingles

Painting Roofing Shingles – Can it be done?

After much research into forums and informational roofing sites, at Riedel I discovered that you can in fact paint your Shingles. The most prominent reason that homeowners decide to do this is that they don’t like the color of of shingles they bought, or want to liven up the appearance of their home. Whatever the reason, it is actually relatively common. In fact, in addition to painting your shingles, it if often coupled with painting your siding.

Choosing The Right Paint

When painting your Shingles, it helps to do some research in the different types of paint as opposed to pulling out a can of exterior paint and deciding to DIY. One of the most popular roof paints in the industry is BEHR Multi-Surface Roof Paint

Behr paint for painting your shingles

It was formulated to protect against high temperatures to prevent shingles cracking and deteriorating. It also helps with resisting the buildup of mold and mildew. The temperature on the surface of your roof can reach highs of 150 degrees Fahrenheit so it is extremely important to pick a brand such as BEHR that will give you long lasting protection.

This paint can be used on asphalt shingles, wood shakes, tile as well as a bunch of other roofing materials. It has excellent adhesive nature that will secure the paint to different roofing materials and is available in a variety of custom colors. With a 100% latex flat finish, BEHR paint will not discolor when exposed to high temperatures.

It is suggested by the NRA that you perform maintenance touch ups every 5-7 years. Some people may consider this a big cost but it does save you from removing and replacing them all as opposed to just painting them. Having a full replacement solely because the color is not to your liking is an even bigger cost.

Benefits of Painting Your Shingles

1. If your Roof is discolored or you are repainting your home, you probably want the overall appearance of your home to be the same. Who wants a shabby brown color with your newly painted – white or blue or even gray house? In this situation, it is wiser to paint your shingles if you’re unhappy with it instead of cringing or replacing it altogether.

2. Using a paint with a white or reflective surface can help you to lower your utility bills. This happens because the white surface can reflect the heat thus keeping home cooler and improving your energy efficiency.

Contractor vs DIY

Painting your shingles seems like quite an easy task and many people do in fact do it themselves. But this would depend on your skill level. For example when dealing with cedar shingles, it’s important that your carefully follow the guidelines. If you don’t, you can set yourself back days or even weeks of work. In the worst case scenario, you may damage your shingles and need to have them replaced.

In other cases, homeowners may prefer to hire a contractor on the basis of efficiency, avoiding costly mishaps and to get the job done right! Not all contractors offer this service but you can look around and you’re sure to find one that does. An added benefit of hiring contractors is that they have specialized tools to get the job done quickly with an even coat of paint. Here’s an example:

These painting sprays ensure that an even coat is achieved and saves a lot of time if you had to
use paint brushes. I’d say that using a contractor for this job is the best decision to make as it
has a lot of benefits and while painting your roof may seem like an odd choice, it’s definitely a
possibility. However, if your roof is very old you may want to take the path of full replacement.
Not sure if your roof is too old? Contact your local roofing contractor to do an inspection to find

Inspect Your Flashings

Importance Of Inspecting Your Roof Flashings

Flashings for your roof can be made out of several different materials such as copper, stainless steel, plastic, rubber, roofing felt and even metal sheets with the latter being the most expensive. Most flashings are resistant to stains and are mostly non-corrosive.

Roof flashings are essential to the structural for roof it helps direct the water flow around the corners and seams of the roof to prevent water from collecting and leaking into your home.  It is considered very important as it plays vital role in protecting your roof and any potential vulnerable parts of your roof from being damaged or prone to flooding.types of flashings

If you are so unlucky as to have water seeping into the walls off your home, it can cause several problems such as leaks and mold, and if left long enough it can cause structural damage.  And believe me, we want to avoid this at all costs because in the end it will cost you a lot of money to repair. It is very important that we catch the problem as soon as possible and are able to repair it before the situation worsens.  Most of the the times the cause of the leak is due to a faulty flashing.

Here are a few tips to look out for when inspecting your roof flashings.  It is important to clear any clutter in your flashing such as leaves/twigs and debris.  If left unattended, water can overflow seep into your roof. If possible, take a careful look at your flashings to make sure it is not corroding or cracked. Next check the area around your chimney to see if there are any stains or watermarks.  If there is, you’re flashing might be cracked or leaking. This happens more often than not.

It may be wise to consult a contractor to take a look for you if you have a sloped roof because it might be a bit trickier to locate a leak. Even if you do not notice any leaks or think that anything is wrong with your flashings, it is still wise to get them checked or inspected every six months as the weather in New York is a bit severe. Snow can freeze your flashings, the sun can corrode and the rain can wear it down, so be sure to keep an eye on it.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the importance of roof flashings and why we should have them inspected, I hope that this information can help homeowners to pay more attention to all the aspects of their home, even the little parts. You can also take a look at the video below on how to repair your flashings.